๐๒ : Sweet sun ..send me the moon

Happy Friday!!!
...No, I'm kidding. It's not Friday yet...
.. sorry guys ..

It has been such a long week for me. I can't even remember what did I just do last weekend. However, I got a terrific news tonight. After expecting, hoping, praying for quite awhile..

I will go to NY this weekend!! HOORAY!!!! :D

Just so you know, I'm living in Vermont now as an exchange student. (You might have noticed that by my broken and unimproved English -_-...) I have never been to the other parts of the US before. You have no idea how excited I am right now. However, I do not want to expect anything for this. Because no matter when I start expecting, everything gets ruined. It hurts my feeling so bad, but I keep expecting something, unintentionally, anyway. So...

Sweet sun .. send me the moon
Empty the skies out
Bringing me one step closer to you

These pictures are all from my instagram. I'd be happy if you go check it out at @imeedapooh :)

Talking about photography.. I just got a new baby!
Well, it's not really mine.. and it's not really new either. It's for my first photography class assignment. My teacher calls her cameras ' baby ' so she asked us to take a good care of her babies and I get to take my baby to New York! Yayyyyyyy!

Last thing for today. Have you seen my Piipo at the bottom of the blog yet? Scroll down and check it out! She is very friendly and she would be happy to eat everything you feed her. You can feed her an orange or some present. But pleaseee.. NO POOP! It's not so healthy for her. You know it, right?

It's 11:45 PM ... And I need more chocolate!
Goodnight guys :)

๐๑ : And that's how the story begins.

It starts when you stop thinking, and start doing.

I've spent my time for more than 5 minutes staring at this empty white box.
Well, probably 10 now.

Honestly, I hate the beginning.

The beginning is something you expect to be special.
Something you spend all your time thinking and worrying about.
But it's just the beginning...

Maybe I should just keep it simply, just like that.

And that's how the story begins.